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All Legs

Socks, socks, and more socks.

10481 Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-5347

Anderson's Alternatives

Locally owned and operated retail lumber outlet, custom furniture and wood gallery shop. Offering a wide variety of lumber, slabs, and furniture from local salvage sources and furniture builders.

10550 Lansing St, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-3434

Bebe Lapin

Clothing for babies

Lansing & Ukiah Streets, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0261


Fashionable women's clothing

Lansing Street at Main, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0946

Features: fashion accessories

Celtic Creations

Local handmade jewelry and metal body art. Located above Gallery Book Store. Entrance on Kasten St.

Main Street and Kasten Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-1223


High end men's and women's clothing.

530 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0100

Features: fashion accessories

Compass Rose Leather

Locally hand-crafted leather goods.

45150 Albion Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-5170

Features: fashion accessories | hats | leather

Corners of the Mouth

Co-operative natural food store.

45015 Ukiah Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-5345

Deja Vu Hats

Deja Vu, aka The Mendocino Hat Company, has the largest selection of hats in northern California

10470 Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-4120 or 800-489-8125

Features: hats

Digging Dog Nursery

A wide variety of hard-to-find perennials, grasses, shrubs, trees, and vines for your garden. Plants are available online or at their Albion Ridge nursery. Public tours of their beautiful gardens are scheduled for certain Saturdays.

31101 Middle Ridge Road, Albion ; phone: 707-937-1130

Fancy That

Women's clothing and accessories

Ukiah and Lansing Streets, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0448

Features: fashion accessories

Gallery Bookshop

A superior independent book store.

Main Street at Kasten Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-2665

Features: performance/event venue


Jewelry store

10483 Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0299

Hare Creek Nursery

Plant nursery and chain saw (Husqvarna) sales and service

32461 Highway 20, Fort Bragg ; phone: 707-964-4648

Harvest Market

Groceries, pharmacy, hardware,...

2 locations:

  • , ; phone: 707-964-7000
  • , ; phone: 707-937-5879

Leonard Moore Cooperative

Mendical marijuana dispensary

44970 Ukiah Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-4562

Little River Market

grocery store, deli, and gas pumps

7746 N Highway 1, Little River ; phone: 707-937-5133

Features: beer/wine

Mendocino Chocolate Company

Locally created artful handmade confections

2 locations:

  • , ; phone: 707-964-8800
  • , ; phone: 707-937-1107

Features: chocolate

Mendocino Garden Shop

Plant starts, soil, and everything else you need to garden outdoors or indoors.

44720 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-3459

Mendocino Jams & Preserves

Locally made all natural jams, marmalades, desert sauces, chutneys, and condiments.

45280 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 800-708-1196 or 707-937-1037

Mendocino Jewelry Studio

Original jewelry by several local artisans.

45104 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0181

Features: fashion accessories

Mendocino Sandpiper

Affordable jewelry and other gifty things.

45280 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-3102

Mendocino Yarn Shop

Everything for the Knitter, Spinner and Fiber Artist

45050 Albion Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0921 or 888-530-1400

Features: textiles

Moore Used Books

More used books, please.

990 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-1537

North Star Nursery

A full service nursery, landscaping, garden, and home decor shop.

17901 N. Highway One, Fort Bragg ; phone: 707-961-1074

Features: garden art

Ocean Quilts

Handmade quilts and folk art

45270 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-4201

Old Gold

Showcase for die struck and saw pierced jewelry fabricated from original antique dies along with designs from around the world

Albion Street and Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-5005 or 800-992-5335

Out of this World

Telescopes, binocluars, science goodies, games, books...

45100 Main St., Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-3324 or 800-485-6884

Papa Bear's Chocolate Haus

Locally made chocolates

45150 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-4406

Features: chocolate


High end shoes.

10483 Lansing, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-1710 or 707-937-4165

Rubaiyat Beads

Beads, rugs, incense, spiritual paraphrenalia, jewelry,...

2 locations:

  • , ; phone: 707-961-0222
  • , ; phone: 707-937-2323

S and B Market

A complete small-town general store with groceries, hardware, and a small deli.

19400 South Highway One, Manchester ; phone: 707-882-2805

Features: beer/wine | chocolate


Upscale women's clothing

45160 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-1900

Features: fashion accessories


Your friendly neighborhood headshop. Featuring locally blown glass, pipes, vaporizers, hookahs, local clothing, books, magazines, and more.

45156 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-3913

Features: pipes

The Courtyard

Kitchen items.

45098 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-0917

The Great Put On

"Art to wear". Women's clothing and fashion accessories.

Albion Street and Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-5161

Features: fashion accessories


"Eco groovy" clothing and gifts.

45140 Main Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-1717

Features: fashion accessories | hats

Village Toy Store

Kites, board games, dolls, stuffed animals...

10450 Lansing Street, Mendocino ; phone: 707-937-4633

Westport Community Store

Small town general store with deli and the one functioning gas pump for many miles.

Hwy. 1 at Abalone St., Westport ; phone: 707-964-2872

Features: beer/wine | chocolate | video rentals

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