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Wild Mushroom Cookbook
Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere

Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow

Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow have created the most comprehensive collection of wild mushroom recipes ever assembled. Full of ideas that you can also apply to store-bought mushrooms, this book will stimulate your imagination and guide your creativity.

Under the Table Books
A Novel of Stories

Todd Walton

Under the Table Books is both community center and grand experiment in pragmatic mysticism. The cast includes poets, musicians, a former movie star, and a homeless savant who may have once been the richest man on earth.

The Sea Forager’s Guide to the Northern California Coast

Kirk Lombard; Illustrations by Leighton Kelly

Combining an amazing in-depth knowledge with a quirky wit, Kirk Lombard shares a weath of information about seaweed harvesting, clam digging, fishing, and more. He goes on to provide recipes to make the most of the sea's bounty.

From Sweet to Heat

Quick Reference Publishing

A Guide to 34 common edible varieties from sweet to heat, and 10 ornamentals. Each pepper has a color photo, and the edibles list the Scoville Heat Index rating. Plus harvest info, flavor notes, distinguishing features, and culinary uses.

The Spirit of the River

Diane McCarthy

The foothills and rivers of California's Sierra Nevada are the backdrop for this suspenseful novel. The novel unfolds as a compelling legal drama, but at its core is a love story full of passion and grace.

The Last Great Auk
A Novel

Allan W. Eckert

The protagonist of this novel is heroic, majestic, a born leader, a devoted husband and proud father. He is destined to be remembered by whoever reads about his life. He is a great auk.

Cartwheels on the Faultline

various authors

Writing and art that dare acrobatics on the edge. This engaging collection features short stories, memoirs, essays, and poetry by writers such as Fionna Perkins, Robin Beeman, Elizabeth Herron, Sara Peyton, Simone Wilson, Barbara Baer and Ianthe Brautigan.

Citizen Moore

By Roger Rapaport

This definitive biography traces the untold story of the 30 years of struggles and failures that led to Michael Moore’s “overnight” success. Investigative reporter Roger Rapoport interviewed 200 people who played key roles in Michael Moore’s life.

WineTrails of Idaho
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

This new guide offers the most comprehensive look at the wineries of Idaho, the Gem State. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s thorough. The handy guide groups all Idaho wineries open to the public.

WineTrails of Walla Walla
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

Get the most from your stay as Washington native Steve Roberts guides you through the hidden treasures of this great area with distinct and memorable WineTrails.

Desert Sanctuary
A Madrigal & Blaylock Mystery

Kathryn Mattern

Madrigal Strahan investigates a mysterious fire in the Nevada desert. This compelling, well-told story keeps readers guessing at most every turn, with rich and complex characters who seem to fit in this quirky little town.

The Panty Sutra


This unique little book offers a surreal combination of mysticism, sex, and humor that will create a buzz.

On Kelsey Creek: A Novel

Phyllis Whetstone Taper

With her first novel published at age 90, Taper vividly illuminates the thoughts, feelings, and hearts of her characters lives in the summer of 1927 in Lake County, California.

101 Ways to Survive George W. Bush

Pat Bagley

Before you flee to Canada to avoid rampant Bushification, here are 101 clever ideas from The Salt Lake Tribune's award-winning political cartoonist, Pat Bagley.

Clueless George Presidential Library

by Pat Bagley

Three clever Clueless George titles in an irreverent gift set with a special, moneysaving price. NOW 50% OFF!

Fist Bump Heard 'Round the World
The 2008 Election in Cartoons

words and political cartoons by Pat Bagley

Pat Bagley's hilarious tour through the 2008 presidential election, featuring his favorite election-themed political cartoons gathered from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Clueless George Takes on Liberals!

Pat Bagley

Tricks! Jokes! Games! Waterboarding! Will Bertrand the Liberal join in the robust and muscular fun, or will he cut and run back to his mother's apron strings?

Clueless George is Watching You!

Pat Bagley

Award-winning cartoonist Pat Bagley takes aim at the Bush Administration's controversial domestic spying program and serves up an hilarious critique on the Commander-in-Chimp.

Clueless George Goes to War!

Pat Bagley

This wickedly clever parody follows our war-monkey-president as he blithely capers into the most hilarious series of pratfalls and misadventures since Vietnam.

Jasmine Nights & Monkey Pluck
Love, Discovery and Tea

Writings Collected by Marylu Downing, Faith Morgan, & Ellen Galford

Women writers and poets celebrate small pleasures and life’s secrets over a steaming cup of tea.

The Digested Read

By John Crace

Literary ombudsman John Crace never met an important book he didn’t like to deconstruct. He retells the big books in just 500 bitingly satirical words, pointing his pen at the clunky plots, stylistic tics, and pretensions to Big Ideas, as he turns dream books into dross.

Companions at Table
Food to Serve with American Grown Italian Varietals

Margaret Acton Smith and Barbara J. Braasch
Wine Introduction by Rod Smith

This inviting book presents delicious recipes complementing wines grown from Italian grape varietals like Sangiovese, Barbera, Moscato and Pinot Grigio. Such wines have soared in popularity.


Johanna Bedford, Jane Harris Austin, Mary Bradish O'Connor and M.L. Harrison Mackie

A lively collection by four Mendocino women with strong and varied voices, these provocative poems range from deceptively simple lyrics to complex, formal verse.

White Song

Susan Maeder

A powerful book about the unfolding of the human spirit, these poems offer consolation through a return to a deeper connection with nature.

Wood, Water, Air, and Fire
The Anthology of Mendocino Women Poets

Edited by Sharon Doubiago, Devreaux Baker and Susan Maeder

This enticing,moving book collects works by 63 distinctive voices of rich and varied emotional tone, including ruth weiss, Lydia Rand and Julia Butterfly Hill. The poets range in age from 14 to 88.

The Ancestors Are Calling Down the Rainbow

Arupa Chiarini

In this inspired cycle of poems, Chiarini shares her personal healing of family violence through the voices of her ancestors, reached through rituals learned from two Yoruba priests. Includes a background essay by the author, a playwright and poet.

From Duff to Dinner
A Gourmet's Guide to Mushroom Cookery, With Selected Recipes from Master Chefs

Edited by Marjorie Young and Vince Viverito

With the emphasis on wild fungi, this book includes 61 diverse recipes for species both exotic and mundane.

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